Hypocrites is Everywhere

Everyone's going to talk behind your back, being a total hypocrites no mattter how close or 
trustworthy they are to you, whether your mother, father, brother, sister, best or whoever no one's going to be fully satisfied with you and the things you do all you can do is keep your held high and take pride in being who you are, you are only human. You're not perfect and you don't have to be one of it. You're not living in this world to please everyone. You can't please everyone. Don't stop being who you are just because some people doesn's fancy it. Nothing's wrong with you, just something's wrong with them. They have this narrow mentality of wanting everything to go as they wish. To have this status quo that they're already used to, of what should be and what shouldn't. You do this, you're bad person, you do that you're still bad person. They're too quick to judge when they dont quite know your wholly. So, I'm saying, don't give a shit
Everyone's so full of shit these day anyway