Misery Business

Hello bloggers.

This week was really really a busy week and assignment, test and so on began from week to week. Including of, stress out a lot I can say. Those actually comes from the environment, study, people up here, lecturer and life stuff in here and with my own family I guess? But nevermind. It's sort of miserable situation recently. Totally packages for me. That's for real what I feel for now.
Ah, yeah ? Pfttttttttttttt -____-'

Why hate when a little dislike will do?

I should know how to do something for others to help get my mind off my self. I Just realize that I am the person which always caught into a small stuff like hater and all that. The prominent way is I know how to control it instead of commented the rest.
If I can't remedy, nor escape from, what is bothering me, flow with it and try to use it in a productive way, try to be positive .

The best way are; don't overwhelm myself , set realistic goals for myself, change the way I see my situation; seek alternative viewpoints.