Let's get it

Hello-o :)

It's not my nature waking up early. I spend half of the day in my room and doing nothing. Every morning you have two choicescontinue your sleep with a dream or wake up and chase your dreams. The choice is yours. Regarding on that statement I've given, to be honest I really wanted to go back to sleep. Mengantuk gila okay? Mana tak mengantuknya every night morning aku tidur pukul 4-5 pagi . I've a serious case of Insomnia

Forget about Insomnia. Yeayy, akhirnya dapat juga buat reactions kat bawah tu. Hahaha sorry aku tak berapa nak pandai nak buat alah edit blog semua ni! :P Shoutmix pun gune yang new version yang tak berapa nak best? Hurm. But nevermind. I'm still on blog. Tehee. Okay blur nak cari idea untuk blog aku yang dah lama juga tak update! Harini dapat juga aku bercakap lama dengan kekasih hati aku yang tengah sakit tu. Sakit-sakit pun boleh on call on phone with me. Aw, how sweet you are :') Get well soon, sweetheart!

Move on next topic.

Movie I need to watch; 
  1.  Twilight: Breaking Dawn.
  2.  Puss in Boots 3D 
Reason why I need to watch this 2 movie.

  • From start until now,  aku mengikuti cerita Twilight ni. Then sebab Jacob! Wooo, He make me melt. So cute :D
  • After that, Puss in Boots, ahhhh #whyyouhavetobesocuteandsexywithyourboots! Teheeee, faham? Faham kan jelah eh? :P

Nahh, that all for todayy! Thanks for reading.

*Remember, life doesn't come with guarantees. Just know that smiling will brighten your face, laughter will brighten your day, and good people will make your life great! Have an amazing day! Stay safe