Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Happy Wednesday and it's time for some action.

Here are my highlights in this movie:
  •  Edward and Bella’s Wedding. The wedding of the century! August 13! With their long long long kiss after the preacher declared they’re husband and wife now.  :’)   
  • The way they hug! And the way they kiss
  • The way they play chess.
  • The way Edward laughs when Bella posed to attract him! Probably my favorite scene! Whyy? Bella look cute with that posed :D
  • This Edward line.. “No measure of time with you would be long enough. But we’ll start with forever.” :’)  
  • This Jacob line.. “And when you die, what’s the point? Me loving you, you loving him.”
  • Their baby’s name if it’s a boy, EJ (Edward and Jacob) :D  
  • But it's a girl, I can guess when they talk about the name. It's Renesme! Ahh nice.
  • Bella is like dying because of her pregnancy until she have to drink blood! Erghhh O.o
  • And the way she’s giving a birth.  I were like.. Dying too. Like we’re Bella when she’s hurt. Like I feeling the pain Bella feels. :(  
  • And last, the way Bella opened her eyes in the ending and her eyes, oohmaigodd! In red. Stunning. Finally, she’s a vampire now!  ^___^

Okay. That’s it. Tata for now!

P.S. Breaking Dawn is driving me crazy!  I can’t get over! Ay! All I need to do now is this.. “Keep calm and wait for Breaking Dawn part 2!”