Someone Like You

Dear boyfriend/Fiancee,

I don't often say what is on my mind and even if I do, it usually doesn't come out quite right. But what I do not express verbally doesn't mean I don't feel it in my heart. I know we got fight last night. Sometimes I feel like I can't explain to you, but it's just happen that way. Sometimes, I feel like I am useless person, annoying, idiot and so on. I am sorry, I know you hate when I'm said all those words. But I just think that was truly me :] I may not have done the right things to make you feel loved. I may not said the right words to make you feel happy. But the things is, I am terrified of losing you.

I love you. I love you means that I accept you as you are, and I don’t want to become anybody else. It means I don’t expect perfection in you, like you don’t expect me. 

I love you means I'll stand by your side even in the worst moments. It means loving you, when you’re in a bad mood or when fatigue, prevents you from doing what I want to do. It means love in times of discouragement, not only in happy moments. 

I love you means you know, your most intimate secrets and not judge you for them,asking in return only don’t judge me by my life. It means I have enough love to fight for what we have and not to let go. It means thinking of you, dream of you,wish you and needing you constantly, and hope that you feel the same about me.

Let me end this things with 3 simple word, straight from my heart

I love you.
Forever yours